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12 Best Home Swap Sites 2018 by Popularity

Part 1: Advertiser

Love Home Swap

With Love Home Swap, you can swap your home with thousands of amazing properties around the world – and enjoy huge savings on the cost of accommodation when you travel.

Many members love the site for two reasons.

First, the site is not only very popular in the United States, but also highly represented globally. For instance, we find over 765 homes in France and over 1006 homes in Australia, available for exchange. The abundancy of choices around the world may be especially valuable if you may plan to vacation abroad.

Second, the site offers two options to swap your house. "Direct swap" allows you directly exchange homes with another member. You can also earn "swap points", by offering home to another member, and spend them later. This option is very powerful to expand your choices.

On the website, we read lots of happy members' enthusiastic reviews. It seems the most precious aspect of LoveHomeSwap isn't the nicely designed website, the innovative functions such as "swap points", or the "helpful, experienced, and obsessive" customer support. It is the authentic, friendly, and trustful community of members.

Part 2: 11 Other Popular Home Swap Websites

Home Exchange

Started in 1992 by home exchange pioneer Ed Kushins, HomeExchange has become a hugely popular home swap site, listing 65,000 homes in 150+ countries.

Few, if any, businesses can compete HomeExchange for the experience in helping members swap houses. According to the website, they have already facilitated over 1,000,000 home exchanges.

The vast database of member homes offers great opportunities to exchange with various types of listings, such as houses, condos, apartments, beach houses, cabins, and villas.

HomeExchange is so confident of the effectiveness of the service that a “home exchange guarantee” is provided. If you don’t do a home swap in your first year as a member, you get a second year free. Please check the site for the details.


3RD HOME is a private club for luxury second home owners.
Each time another member uses your secondary home, you'll receive credits, called "Keys". You can then spend the Keys on 5900 luxury private homes and resort properties worldwide.
The site is for owner of secondary home only, and primary residence is not accepted.


Since 1953, HomeLink has offered home exchange service to members globally.
The site has 27 multi-lingual representatives around the world to help you in the swapping process, in your native language.


Intervac was started in Europe in early 1950, and has grown to a home swap service of 30,000 families around the world.


Knok is a travel network for families. The site helps families do a home exchange or rent an apartment.
Popular destinations include Barcelona, New York, Rome, Paris, and London.

Popularity: is a house swap site.

Guest to Guest

Founded by families in France, Belgium, United States, Spain, Great Britain, and Qatar, Guest to Guest has a grown to a popular home exchange website.
GuesttoGuest allows both reciprocal exchanges and non-reciprocal exchanges, with a point system.


NightSwap is a first night swapping community with many members.


HomeforHome is a leader in Europe House swapping, with 45,000+ houses listed in 130+ countires.
While there are lots of choices in Spain, France, and Italy, only limited houses are presented in the United States.


Based in London, IVHE, or International Vacaion Home Exchange, offers home exchange service to global members.
IVHE members can either directly swap houses, or earn credits by allowing other members use their properties.


Geenee Holiday Home Exchange lists many properties worldwidely.